Huffington Post Blog: On Millennials and Faith

I had the great honor of being published on The Huffington Post last week.

Speaking to the prevailing rhetoric that the Millennial generation is less religious than previous ones, I offered a different view to what my generation may be looking for in religion.

Take a read.  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Stop It

Here’s a word for you:

And the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy you in drought and in dry places and make strong your bones. And you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not. (Isaiah 58:11 AMP)

Too many of us hit a little hard time and start complaining about this being a rough season.

The reality is that there’s a difference between a season and a situation.

A season is an extended, prolonged period of time. A situation is a temporary set of circumstances.

Stop going into these short, dry places in your life talking about you’re in a drought season.

A drought is a season of lack, of depleted resources. A dry place is paramount to losing your favorite radio signal for a few moments during a long road trip.

So many of us prolong what God intended to be temporary by claiming things He didn’t ordain for you. He intended for some lessons, some trials to be short. You’re stuck in your mess because your claiming this is a tough season for you. God hasn’t planted you in a season; He intended to guide you through a dry place.

What season(s) in your life have you claimed that maybe God did not intend for you to stay in? A dead-end job. A go-nowhere relationship. A church assignment you’ve outgrown.

This may not be the warm and cuddly Word you were seeking, but I believe it is a word of confirmation for someone reading this today.

Stop giving the enemy credit for the work of God. Stop claiming you’re in a drought season in your finances or your prayer life or whatever when it’s only a dry place.

Dry places are often the transition to something better. In arid climates, a dry place comes before the oasis. In spiritual warfare, a short stint of silent prayer often comes before the breakthrough. And every divine promotion, in all areas of life, comes after a short period of testing.

I’ll say it once more: stop claiming a drought in places God has only ordained as a dry spot; stop claiming for perpetuity the temporary set of circumstances God wants to lead you through.

Just stop it! Remember instead the power of your tongue to speak life and death , lack and abundance, drought and springs of water into your life.

You want what God has for you; nothing more and nothing less!

Let the words of this song minister to you today as we rethink our confessions about the seasons in our lives:

William Murphy’s “It’s Working” (YouTube courtesy of Jack V)