God’s Command: MOVE

img_0322Many of us are waiting.

Waiting on a new job or client.

Waiting for a spouse.

Waiting for a financial blessing.

Waiting for a spiritual breakthrough.

But this is what The Holy Spirit just gave me this:


To MOVE you Must be Open, Visualize and Execute.

God’s command is to MOVE.

MOVE forward in faith. In excellence. In expectation.

Make the decusui

Be open to the leading of His Spirit and Voice.

Visualize your victory/promotion/increase/breakthrough in the Spirit BEFORE it manifests in the natural.

And then Execute the step God gives you toward that blessing. And He’ll only ask you to take it one step at a time; He’ll only reveal one step at a time.

So today, decide to MOVE.

The answer to your prayer is on the other side of your MOVE.


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